Ester Dean Drops "Baby Making Love" Video / by

Back in May, Ester Dean released this song and it was rumored to be her first offering from her new deal with Interscope Records. It was a bigger than life hit on the internet and now, the video for the song has finally saw the light of day. "Baby Making Love" is a hit!

The video is a straight throwback, just like the song. I'm like early 90's as you can tell by that gold chain and Chicago Bulls jersey that she's wearing. The Super Nintendo, the rabbit ears on the t.v. and the big dookie braids....simply amazing! Check it out below!

Oh Ester! How I love thee...I love your name...I love your music, I love your voice and I love this damn video! Everything she does and touches simply turns to gold in my eyes. This song bumps so hard in my Sony headphones! I get it cracking like a bad back to this track! Word on the street is that she's working on an EP which will be out early in 2013 and I can't wait!