Fantasia Says Her New Album Will Be Out In March / by

Fantasia is about to smack yall right in the ear with a new album. Yup, Fanny has been hard in the studio over the past year laying down track after track and getting her banging body back into shape for this new record. She revealed to Hip Hollywood that it will be out in March 2013.

She stated that it's a different sound and style describe as Rockier, R&B music. She compared her genre movement to Tina Turner's move from soul to rock music and she says that it's where her heart is. Check out the interview below.

I, for one, think that Fanny has crossover appeal. I am still in love with her pop balad "Even Angles" which hit rock bottom with her core fans. No one liked that sound for her, but I loved it. Just like I'm sure I'll love this rock sound she's shooting for.

Will her core R&B fans accept it? I highly doubt that they would, but hey, she's doing what's best for HER! And if it fails, we'll all just resort to this..

But I'm sure it won't.