Fresh Music | Fantasia - "Lose to Win" / by

Fantasia is back with a brand new single from her upcoming album. She has been working on her album all throughout the year with a slew of producers like Harmony and others. He actually produced the track that you are about to hear below.

I learned from my friends that it samples a song called "Nightshift" by Commodores. It's called "Lose to Win". There's no word on if it's the official first single but it very well could be as it's receiving great reception from audiences and fans. It will be available on iTunes on Jan. 8, 2013. Listen to the song below.

I can definitely hear the rock and soul. that she said the album would have. The track is amazing and is a great sound for her. It's different, very different from the pure soul that she's known for and I love it! I can dig it Fanny!! Your thoughts?

Thank you BJermaine