Fresh Music | Melanie Amaro - "Long Distance" / by

X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro is still hard at work on her debut album. It sounds like she's trying to find her nitche in this business. With the releases of "Don't Fail Me Now" & "Love Me Now", we've heard the dance side and the R&B side.

This track "Long Distance" take on the pop world and saw it's release on iTunes earlier today. On the mid-tempo track, you here the singer longing to be with her man who's far far away from her. She will be performing this track on X-Factor tomorrow night. Listen to it below.

You know, I really dislike the fact that they're going the pop direction with her. I feel that it's a waste of time and talent. Yes, I do understand that pop music is hott but it's not for everyone. Nor is it for Melanie.

She doesn't sound bad or anything but she has the voice that could replicate the success of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. She has one of those voices and it has yet to be heard with the music that they have her doing.

"Love Me Now" is still my favorite out of the three songs so far. This one, not so much. It is a lot better than "Don't Fail Me Now", but it's not the type of song she should be singing. Just look at this performance of her singing a Whitney Houston song and you be the judge...

You see!! This is WHY she won X-Factor!! L.A. Reid needs to get it together and QUICK!