Fresh Music | Miguel - "Bawdy" & "On These Wings" / by

2012 has been quite a successful year from Miguel. He has a hit R&B single that everyone is in love with, his album "Kaleidoscope Dream" has ended up on quite of a few Best of 2012 lists and he's been summoned by Beyoncé herself to work on her new album. He's quite the man.

Earlier today, two unreleased tracks from the singer surfaced. One uptempo called "Bawdy" and the other mid-tempo jam "On These Wings". Both tracks seems as if the were recorded during his first album's session. Check them out below.


"On These Wings"

Interesting tracks...I never listened to the first album, but I defintely gave the new album a few spins and these tracks don't even sound remotely close to the flow and sound of "Kaleidoscope Dream". That's how I'm able to rule out the recording sessions. Which  song do you like better?