Fresh Music | Tamar Braxton - "Love and War" / by

Who said that a reality show can't revive a career? Tamar Braxton has been back in the lime light since "The Braxton Family Values" became an instant hit. It birthed the spin off reality show for here and her husband called "Tamar & Vince".

Now that the show is seeing success, she's capitalizing by releasing a brand new solo album. The first single is called "Love and War" which is now available on iTunes. The song is a scorcher and her voice throughout the track is simply amazing. Listen to the R&B ballad below.

I didn't know she had a voice like this!! I love this song. I love her vocals, I love the different ranges and melodies. My good friend Pheonix texted me the otther day asking me if she was ratchet for liking Tamar's music.

I've never watched any of the shows, but from what I heard and the pictures I've seen, I simply concluded that she was a ratchet Braxton. But this song sounds far from ratchet and it looks like it's turning a lot of heads.

I always thought that the purpose of "The Braxton Family Values" was to revive Toni Braxton's stale career, but Tama DOT COM came and stole the show. It's pretty obvious. Get YO LIIFE!!

What do you think about the song?