Fresh Music | Tamar Braxton - "The One" + Wendy Williams Performance / by

Yesterday, Tamar Braxton stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and performed her new hit song "Love and War". The track toppled iTunes and as Wendy said, beat out Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys...she was giving the well deserved accolades.

She also performed the  and a few others during her live showcase for the finale of her show "Tamar & Vince". Yesterday one of those songs surfaced in high quality, but in a live format, not studio quality. The song is called "The One" and it samples Notorious BIG's very popular song "Juicy". Check it all out below.

She is hitting it off big. I don't know why I'm infatuated with her voice. It's like her delivery is just soooooo hypnotizing. I'm sure if it was someone else singing these songs, I'd just look past them and not think twice.

I swear it's like "Range" met "Toni Braxton voice" and birthed Tamar's voice. The live performance was just as great as the recording. It wasn't lip synced so she showed her ass!! Those vocal chops are legit as the baby bump she was rocking. Yes, I think she is pregnant.

And if she is, it's definitely the wrong time to be with a slew of hits and #1  songs popping up from out of no where. She will soon be in high demand and that damn belly is gonna either hold her back or delay somethings that we've began anticipating. But congratulations to her if she is!!