Heather Headley Stuns With "I WIll Always Love You" Performance / by

Singer Heather Headley snagged the role of Rachel Marron for the adapted Broadway musical "The Bodyguard". The film, which starred the late and legendary Whitney Houston and Kevin Kostner in 1992, has gotten the musical treatment and will open this Wednesday in London.

Heather stunned the crowd and gave a sneak listen as for what's to come once the show opens. She sang the ever popular "I Will Always Love You" and of course will tackle a number of legendary songs from the movie. Check out the clip below.

While I love hearing renditions of this song, this one wasn't all that everyone cracked it up to be. Heather does have a wonderful voice and I do understand that you have to "make it your own" but I think she did a bit too much of that.

The performance wasn't bad at all, but I think she should have kept it simple and just let the song flow. Also I couldn't help but notice how she reminded me of a struggling baby bird hatching from an egg..