Jamia Put's Her Spin on "All of the Lights" With Eric Bellinger / by

It's been a bit quiet on the Jamia front over the past few months, but the blossoming starlet has returned to the scene just before the year's end. The BOE Global starlet is still jump starting her promising music career under the watchful eye of producer Harmony and his crew. She's dropped a few stellar videos throughout the year which all were directed by my good friend BJermaine!

This next project that they've all collaborated on features another up and coming singer by the name of Eric Bellinger. He accompanies Jamia in her new video, which is a re-fix not a remix, to Kanye West's ever popular song "All of the Lights".  The track and it's reworked lyrics gives you an inside look on what she's doing with her life, what she wants out of it and why! Check it out below!

I can definitely DIG IT! I just love this lil lady. I've said it before and I'll say it again, she has swag! Her swag is harder than mine! Her voice is just uber strong, when she gets older it will get even stronger. The video is a step up from the last one we all saw. This one features a lot of animation, editing and cool transitions. I think BJermaine showed his ass with this one! This is dope!