Jennifair "Quaz" Release + Performances At The Doll House / by

Last Friday night was the night you shouldn't have missed. Chicago's very own Jennifair celebrated the release of her brand new mixtape "Quaz" which was presented by the one and only Drum Mage! and hosted by DJ RL form Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. She's currently signed onto New York & Chicago's Mogul Media Records label and is planning on moving to the big apple for more exposure.

She worked hard on this mixtape throughout the year and I had the pleasure of hearing some of the tracks even before they were even finished and I have to say that everything was a big step up from the last one. To celebrate the accomplishment, she held a release party at a Chicago club called The Doll House where she signed CD's and gave a few performances.

She was accompanied by her close family and friends, co-workers, label mates, and her right hand man DM! Below you can check out the 17-track mixtape which was laced with productions from Drum Mage! You will also get so see her performing at the club as well as a few shots of her with the crowd just having a grand time. Get into it all below!!

Feel free to download the entire mixtape for free right here!!

The mixtape is pretty dope! A few of my favorites are "Nobody's Gotta Know", "Running", "Far Away Love", which samples Trey Songz "Can't Be Friends", "In the Chi", "All's Well Ends Well", "A Nigh of Lust", "Daydreaming", and the crunck new single "Who Is That"! Each track definitely stands out on it's own, but those are just a few that caught my ears with the quickness.

Below, you will see a few videos of the night of the release. JenniFair signed CD's and took to the Doll House stage for a few performances.

Dope Stuff!! The night was a lot of fun! Jen had a blast and I know for a FACT that she will be having another one. I was told personally. When? Now that I don't know, I just hope that I'm able to attend it if it's held in New York!

 The night was an eye opener for me. I felt like I was watching a star being born. When she becomes bigger than life, I will be able to say "Oh I was at her very FIRST album release and you weren't!"

Her music is great and it's only a matter of time before it catches the right ears or ends up in the right hands. This girl is going places. Each year she accomplishes something big and I'm happy to be a part of this journy with her.

I also want to thank her label Mogul Media Records because they have her back 100%! No matter what and they support her like it's no one's business. Needless to say, download the mixtape. It's free and Drum Mage! is all over it like white on rice. Then, as always, share your thoughts below..