Jhené Aiko "Mirrors" Will Make You Hip / by

I've seen so many posts about this new comer, but never actually to take time to read any of them or even press the play button...until today. After doing a little digging, I found out that she has quite the catalog ranging all the way back to when B2K was hot. She's been featured on a few tracks here and there, and had her very own mixtape.

Now it looks like Jhené Aiko is ready for her big Def Jam debut. Her first album called "Souled Out" will be released next year with productions from Kanye West, No I.D., and more. Yesterday she released the video for the single "Mirrors" and a reader brought it to my attention by telling me to get hip....and I watched it. Check it out below.

Hmmmmmm, is this my cup of tea? No not really. Did I dislike it? No I did not. I just see why I never gave her the time of day when I see stories about her on other sites. I took the time to listen to other songs and watch other videos that she has on her Youtube page.

She definitely has a great voice and I do dig a lot of her songs. But "Mirrors"....not so much. I'll definitely keep checking on her and posting about her because she's really pretty, she can sing, and she's signed to Def Jam...I love most of Def Jam's artists. They're so promising.

She looks like she has so much potential and will blossom sooner than later. She has a lot of fans and a lot of them LOVE this video. I was reading through the comments and they absolutely love it. It's just a dark song I guess and the video is darker. What are your thoughts on this young lady?