Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson & Adam Lambert Tribute Donna Summer at VH1 Divas / by

Last night, VH1 Divas took place live from Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium. The night was packed full of performances from great women in music.....and Adam Lambert. It was a night of greatness.

He performed along side Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson as the three each took on big hits from the late singer Donna Summer. "Bad Girls", "She Works Hard For The Money" and "Last Dance" we the song choices and one of the three did the entire performance justice, not only that but visible shade was tossed from one diva to the other.....find out who below.

As you may agree, Adam Lambert showed his ass in this performance...not litterally so you don't have to go rewind. I mean he made me love the performance. He took it up a notch and shut down Keri Hilson and Kelly Rowland. I mean, he made them look like amatures.

Kelly was all out of breath. Each time she puts her all into a performance with the dancing and what not, she becomes so winded and you can here it all in her voice and in the runs that she attempts to bueno. Other than that she slayed the performance and she looked good.

Keri, sounded like she was singing inside of a robotic microphone. Either that or the sound engeniere was using an effect on her mic that wasn't working. She was just as stiff as a dead body on that stage.

Adam just came on and stole the show. I love Kelly but I think he out did her....and the killing part is that he's NOT a damn diva! Crazy right?

Now, on to the visible shade. Kelly Rowland eyed Keri Hilson down like a ratchet bitch on the streets. Go back and take a look at that 5:01 mark and tell me what you see. Keri sounded like a dying cat that was hit by a car.

The look on Kelly's face was priceless, then she tried to play it off by saing "get it girl"...knowing damn well that what Keri was NOT doing. She was far from getting it. Kelly kept her distance from her as well.

She didn't interact with her not one bit during the entire performance becuase she knows what's up! Because had she didn't, when she made it home from performing, she would've had to worry about this bitch...

But all in all, this was a sweet performance! What did you think?