Mariah Carey Finally Delivers Great Performance / by

You know, it may have taken her a year....or eight to deliver a good performance. Mariah Carey took to Jimmy Fallon and teamed up with The Roots to give a performance of her Christmas hit classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

She did a pretty good job. She actually sounded herself...for once. She also looked good. Must have been a damn good body suit that she had under that red dress. The thing that captured my heart was the little girl second from the left...just adorable. Check it out below.

It was good right? These are the type of performance she needs to give. She hit a lot of the notes, but missed a few. She didn't sound as horrible as she did on stage last week. The Root did her some justice and so did the kids!!! Loved it....doesn't mean that I love her though. Sorry lambs..