Melanie Amaro Performs "Long Distance" On X-Factor / by

Melanie Amaro was the winner of last year's X-Factor competition. She won a $5 million recording contract and has since been hard at work on her debut album. It's titled "Truly" and will be out in the first quarter of 2013.

A few days ago, she premiered her latest single "Long Distance" and took to the stage on the show last night to officially kick off her promotion with a performance. Watch the performance after the break.

She sings so effortlessly. Her voice is simply too great for this song. This performance was not it. Not at all. If she was a contestant still, she would have been voted off. The set was not bad, this is just the wrong song for her.

Things aren't being handled well on Epic Record's end. She should have performed "Love Me Now". I swear that single has all the potential to become great but they're rolling with this one instead. What are they thinking?