Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Weigh In On Each Other / by

These two and their personalities are bigger than life! Back in October was when the two had a cat fight during the taping of the auditions of American Idol which was leaked onto the inter-web. Since then, both camps have been reluctant to speak on the situation or they either brush it off by saying they're okay or by not aying anything at all.

Promotional rounds have begun with the show, as it will air January 16th, and the girls are out to play. Mariah Carey was recently asked if they two settled their differences and she replied by asking the reporter about ever hearing one of her Christmas tunes. Then on the other side, Nicki Minaj was asked and she said that all is well. Check out the clip below.

I think the producers did a good ass job building on the hype of the fight, because, this will be the only reason why people continue to watch the show. Especially me. I could care less about Idol, but I would like to see what these two do with their roles as the show goes on.

I hope this is the last and final season of the show. It isn't birthing any superstars. The last one I can remember was Jordin Sparks. It's like after her win, the other winners were just lost within the mix.