Top 20 Songs of 2012 / by

Again, once the end of the year approaches, it's good to reflect on the good and the bad. This post will be on the good. These are 20 of the best songs that I feel slayed my life this year. It's not based off airplay and downloads and blah blahh.

It's simply MY two cents on tracks that I slammed and jammed to throughout the year. A few of these I had on repeat for DAYS, even weeks at a time because that's just how I do.Without further ado, after the break the countdown will commence.See who topped my list!

20. Tamar Braxton - "Love and War"

I know your like wtf?! This song hasn't even been out for a whole two weeks, but guess what? I've played the hell out of this song since it was released and I can't get enough of it! It's simply good R&B, probably one of the best I've heard all year. With her album dropping in the next few months, it means we'll see a lot more of here.

19. Rihanna - "Pour It Up"

This is a song that I hate to love but it's a straight club banger! I can already picture a video for this and Rihanna would be wilding out in it. I do think she's an undercover lesbian and she wouldn't have no problem making it rain inside of  strip club. This was lifted from her latest album "Unapologetic.

18. Lil Wayne - "No Worries"

Lyrically, I could care less about this song, but the production is sick! I love the beat. I found my self quoting "I ain't got no worries"an awful lot and this song would be why. This video is just as crazy as the song...but hey...we ain't got no worries. Lifted from his album "Dedication 4".

17. Leona Lewis - "UnLove Me"

 I love Leona and this was a solid album. I hope it sees a release in the U.S. soon. Lifted from "Glassheart".This is one of my favorites from the album.

16. Rita Ora - "Been Lying"

This definitely one of my favorite tracks this year. I think I played this song OUT to the fullest! Rita Ora was defintely one of my favorite artists of the year. Her album "Ora" rocked!!

15. Brandy - "Put It Down" (feat. Chris Brown)

Love this song and the video! Someone I know said that this video is pretty much what Beyoncé built her career from. The moves, the attitude, he said it made Brandy look pathetic. I couldn't agree with him simply because I think Brandy nailed it!! The swag and attitude she delivered with this song and performance was just everything! Check out "Two Eleven".

14. Melanie Amaro - "Love Me Now"

This is definitely one of the best songs this girl has put out this year. It should have gotten the single treatment, it should have been performed and all that good stuff. Even the cover was flawless!! This is the type of music L.A. Reid needs to have her stick to and continue to do!

13. Ciara - "Got Me Good"

Everything about this video just SCREAM GREATNESS!! Ciara looked good, she sounded good, she moved good! Her performance on VH1 Divas showcased it as well. The energy she gave in this video and the performance just sucked me into the song! Herr new album "One Woman Army"" will be out next year.

12. Chris Brown - "Don't Judge Me"

This is probably one of the best songs Chris Brown ever recorded in his career. It may not have performed well on the charts but it is definitely a fan favorite! The video was weird, but it didn't take away my love for the song. Lifted from his album "Fortune".

11. Nicki Minaj - "Fire Burns"

Definitely one of the best songs from that album! Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded all day!

10. R.L. - "Ain't You"

This was another smooth R&B song that came out at the top of the year that I absolutely love and can't get enough of it. R.L. from next has been working on a solo project for quite some time and if the rest of the songs sound anything like this album will definitely be worth buying.

9. Solange - "Losing You"

No matter what mood I'm in, I can listen to this song and just put a smile on my face. This production just makes me happy. It puts me in a good mood. And who doesn't love Solange? Her soothing voice puts the icing on the cake for this track. This was lifted from her E.P. "True".

8. Azealia Banks - "1991"

I know I talked a lot of smack about her throughout the year, but this song and the video were great. Not only that but I loved  the Aaliyah Vibe that I got from the video! This was lifted from her E.P. "1991".

7. Aaliyah - "Enough Said" (feat. Drake)

This track shocked the world and upset a number of people. With the talk of a new album, not supported by her family and Drake cursing on an Aaliyah track just created backlash. But I do like the song, it's refreshing to hear her voice again. I thanked Drake for doing this...

6. Trey Songz - "Simply Amazing"

Again, definitely one of his best tracks today. It's simply amazing! I was hoping it wold ignite the charts with it's crossover appeal. But it didn't. It was lifted from his album "Chapter 5".

5. Karmin - " Brokenhearted"

I had HIGH expectation for this song. I wanted this song to go #1 on every chart that ever existed. It was like my anthem for the first few months after I heard it. Then associates started jamming to it at work on a daily basis and I just couldn't get enough of it. Definitely a good song. This was lifted from their E.P. "Hello".

4. Miguel - "Adorn"

I still hate his hair, but I love love love this song! Enough Said...I think he set the tone for R&B this year. Beyoncé even wants to work with him for her new album so that means he's doing something right. This was lifted from his album "Kaleidoscope Dream".

3. Taylor Swift - "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Who didn't like this song? I sure know I did and I jammed to it FAITHFULLY every damn day!!! It was the Break-Up anthem of the year. The video was also a good one. It now has over 97 Million views on Youtube. nice job Taylor. This was lifted from her album "RED".

2. Willow - "I Am Me"

The message behind this song was just so strong and powerful. I love me some Willow and a lot of people looked at her sideways after this song was released. But I absolutely loved it. I think it spoke to me in so many ways!

1. Keyshia Cole - "Signature"

Now, the top song on my list! This song was hot! Keyshia Cole snapped on it. I love this type of sound from her. It's fresh and different. It's my favortie song from her new album "Woman to Woman".