Trey Songz's Accuser Steps Forward: "He Blackened My Eye With A Wad of Cash!" / by

Her name is Donna McIntosh-Inoe and she has stepped forward owning up to the recent events of Trey Songz being arrested for assaulting a woman with cash at a strip club. That woman was her...and she was not a stripper. She's a 36 year-old nurse. She clamied that she was struck in the left eye with a wad of cash which caused a blackened eye.

During the incident which happened back in August, Donna's husband bought VIP tickets to be apart of Trey's album release party for "Chapter 5" at the club. Donna then tried to take a picture of the singer with her cellphone since the strippers were doing it. That's when he noticed her snapping picture and lugged a wad of cash her way. Check out the report below.

“He chucked a wad of cash at me. A wad of cash. I didn’t even know I had a bruise on my face until after I left the club. I had to walk around a whole week with a black eye.”

“Everyone else was taking a picture,” she said. “The difference for me and the other girls is that they were naked and I had clothes on. He tried to delete the picture, but he didn’t know how to use my phone,” she said. McIntosh-Inoe said she couldn’t bring herself to pick up the discarded greenbacks.

“It was insulting that he just threw something. He was verbally disrespectful as well. . . . He embarrassed me in front of everyone in the club.”

Afterward, Donna went to the police station near her house and reported the assault. She currently has an order of protection out against Trey and they are expected back in court in February.
 Source: Necole Bitchie

Well, I take back what I said, I guess she wasn't a stripper. But I bet you her ass took that wad of cash and pocketed it even though she said she didn't...hell I would have! Woman and gay men would kill to be hit with cash from him. 

Also, why is he just now being arrested if this happened back in August. She's just trying to come. There has been no official statement from Trey Songz or his camp.