Whitney Houston Tops Google's Most Searched List / by

There was no doubt that the death of Whitney Houston rocked the globe back in February. The legendary diva drowned in her hotel room's bathtub after being found under water. Since then, there have been countless of interviews, tributes, she's had a posthumous movie and album. Simply put, the world just can't get enough of her.

The name Whitney Houston was searched more than 1.2 trillion times according to Google's year end results making it the year's top searches. Below you can check out the top 10 most searched throughout the globe according to Google's statistics.

1. Whitney Houston
2.Gagnam Style
3. Hurricane Sandy
4. iPad 3
5. Diablo III
6. Kate Middleton
7. Olympics 2012
8. AManda Todd
9. Michael Clark Duncan
10. BBB12