Beyoncé Covers GQ For February Issue / by

This is how you know the Beyoncé train is about to come knocking on your face for the next year or eight! Above is a snap of the singer covering the newest issue of GQ Magazine for their February issue.

The is to be simultaneously released with her Super Bowl Performance, her HBO Documentary, new single, Pepsi commercials and much much more. It's like, she hits you all at once with EVERYTHING back to back. There's no time to think, eat, sleep or breath when she's releasing things.

She's going for gold his time around. Cut off shirt, short stopping undies. She's taking it back to her '03 Bonnie & Clyde Hov and Me days What would Blue Ivy think when she grows up to see the bottom of the titties that she fed on? She looks good though. Your thoughts? More pics after the break.