Today was a day to go down in the history books. We saw President Barack Obama get sworn into office for the second time as he was re-elected for another four years. It marks the first time that an African American man has served a two-year term as president.

This morning for the ceremony, there was an all-star line up to help commemorate the occasion. Beyoncé was tapped to sing the Nation Anthem in front of millions of people. She blew the crowd away. It's one of the first of a few major performances that she has lined up. Check it out below.

She did it! Go head B! My mother gave me call call while she was performing and asked "Why does Beyoncé have the NERVE to be singing the national anthem? Who does she think she is?" I couldn't help but laugh.

It's funny to see how fast she had to put on her performing mind set, you could actually see it all happening within the first few seconds of her getting on stage and just getting ready. It has to be nerve wrecking.

While I enjoyed this performance, I love her 2004 Super Bowl rendition a lot more. I'm sure she loved every moment of this. What did you think about the performance?