Beyoncé set the world on fire a few days ago when she sang the Nation Anthem for President Barack Obama's inauguration. She received nothing but rave reviews about the performance. Some of her delusional fans even deemed it greater than the legendary Whitney Houston's performance. All was fine and dandy, until the news broke about the entire performance being lip synced...which I'm sure you've heard about by now so I won't even go into detail.

That alone, as you know, set the world on fire again. It was breaking news on several news outlets. I was watching the news and the anchorwoman broke the news right after she reported someone being shot on Chicago's south side. I was like okay, this is bizarre. The fact that she lip synced was talked about more than the actual inauguration itself and Michelle Obama's fashion choice & new hair due put together.

Celebrities even added their two cents. Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez and ex band mate Michelle Williams all got a few seconds of fame from the hiccup. There have been conflicting reports of statements being retracted. People are saying it was lip synced, others are saying no it was live, some people are saying that she sang over the recorded track at a low tone. But I want to know what do you think...hell or even if you care for that matter. But first, here's what I think.

Do I think the performance was lip synced? Yes I do. Here's why. Simply put, the marine corps wouldnt have said anything if it weren't true. That's all the proof that I need. Now the fact that it was backtracked makes me believe it even more. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm not really a big fan of lip syncing, I simply hate it. Now I'm about to weigh in on why so many people are making a big deal about it.

But first, read what some of the stars had to say about it...

Aretha Franklin:

"When I heard the news this evening that she was pre-recorded I really laughed," Franklin told ABC News. "I thought it was funny because the weather down there was about 46 or 44 degrees and for most singers that is just not good singing weather. When I heard that I just really cracked up. I thought it was really funny, but she did a beautiful job with the pre-record ... next time I'll probably do the same."

"I think it's optional really, it's up to the artist," Franklin continued. "In 2009, I wanted everything to be live and on the real side for the moment as it actually happened. Those were my feelings for my performance, but having come face to face with 28, 22 degrees I am not surprised she pre-recorded. She wanted her performance to be what she wanted to be and she realized it wasn't going to be the way she wanted it to be or she was going to be running a risk. That's probably why she pre-recorded exactly how she wanted it to be heard."

Michelle Williams:

"I will say this, it's not the first or the last time that someone has had to lip-sync," Williams said. "My greatest singer of all time, Whitney Houston, it came to light that her anthem was in fact lip-synced."
"It's their personal preference," she added. "With big crowds and echoes, you know when it's a big historical moment, you don't want any room for any mistakes so I can understand why it was done."

Jennifer Lopez:

"You know, sometimes it happens," Lopez, 43, told Stewart. "When you're in certain stadiums and in certain venues, they do pre-record things because you're going to have that terrible slapback...All performers do have to do it at some point."

So Tyree and I came to the conclusion that since she comes off as little miss perfect, someone of her caliber cannot lip sync. It isn't expected from her. When you go to a Beyoncé performance, you are expecting something live, raw and uncut. Not something prerecorded. Beyoncé is too perfect for that. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.

Now while many other stars lip sync, like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and more, it's okay for them to do it because they're not perfect nor do they try to be. Their flaws are showcased throughout their every day life. We know they're not perfect. We see it, we hear it, we know it. But with Beyoncé, she's had a squeaky clean image for god knows how long and can't do any wrong in anyone's eyes. She's like holy water or something.

That's why when she does something bizarre like lip syncing, the world blows up about it. Then for the statement to be retracted just furthers my point because again, she can do no wrong. Just like her GQ Cover, it was too sexy and revealing. Beyoncé isn't expected to fall down to those standards because she's too classy and perfect. Same thing with her $100 Million Pepsi deal, she got flack for that.

Needless to say, she holds herself to this high standard of perfection, which there is nothing wrong with it, but while doing so, she's expected to give perfection. Lip syncing is NOT perfection. So that is exactly why she's receiving so much hate for it. If she's going to be perfect in every little way, the world is going to hold her to that.

Now, her Super Bowl performance is on the way and the world will be watching to see if that is lip synced. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it broadcasted via satellite from an inside stadium with heat in it so that she could sing live. All eyes will be on her for these next few weeks. SO what do you think? Did she lip sync or did she do it live? Do you even care? Weigh in below!!