Dumble Dee Ashanti Admits To Turning Down Seven Major Record Deals / by

Foolery! What comes off as news that she should have kept to herself, Ashanti has revealed that she not only turned down one, but seven MAJOR record deals over the past few years, all of which could have helpped revived her stale and starving career.

She recently sat down with Sirius XM Satellite Radio and answered questions about her executive decision, her image, Written Entertainment and much more. The seriously delayed "BraveHeart" is supposed to see the light of day come Feb. 2013, but we know that's not happening. Peep the clip below.

She's a damn fool. That is the kind of shit that you're supposed to take to your grave. It's like a reality check for her, simply because she tuned down offers to try to do something on her own, knowing good damn well that she wasn't going to succeed in doing so.

I do understand that there's more money to be made from her going the direction she's going, but that money will only be made if one is succeeding. She is failing and flopping. That's a DOUBLE  DAMN F! So she's losing more money than she's making. She's not breaking even which is why she took that FUSE TV job. 

She talked about a 360, or whatever the hell that is and I get it, but come on, get real. Record deals come with management, touring, promoting, productions, stylists, publicist, and so much more! Don't be mad at the numbers and the amount that they're taking out to be able to provide you're hurting ass with shit like that...all of which you NEED to make it in this business.

I don't see what the problem is, I guess she wanted to fail. Now that she has, those labels she turned down see that she's not hot, no one is checking for her and the WON'T offer her a new deal. If they do, then Mother Mary was looking out for her...but I highly doubt they will. She's a bimbo!