Fresh Music | Azealia Banks - "BBD" / by

Azealia Banks is starting off the new year with new music. The rapper dropped a brand new track shortly after the clock struck midnight. The track is called "BBD" meaning Bad Bitches Do It. The song was produced by Apple Juice Kid & Sup Doodle.

Her debut album "Broke With Expensive Taste"is set to drop next month  via Interscope Records. There has yet to be an official first single or a video for the project, so this could definitely be it since the album so close to a release. Check out the track below.

Since I haven't really listened to many songs from her, I wouldn't know whether to say if this is something different for her, a step up or a step down. But what I do know is that it's pretty dope. It sounds album worthy and I think it could hold it's own as a first single. What in the hell do you think?