Fresh Music | Ciara - "Wake Up, Turn Up" / by

It looks like Mike Will Made It is one of the go to producers. His signature sound is even making the females in music want productions from him. First Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna and now Ciara has jumped on one of his beats. The track is called "Wake Up, Turn Up".

The song is NOT an offering from her upcoming album "One Woman Army" which is due out later this year, but will be included on a mixtape that rapper Future is working on. Inside CiCi turns up her swags and takes us back to her "Ride" days with a minor sample laced throughout the song. Listen to it below.

Hmmmmmmmm, this production should have been more heavy more bass heavy. The lightness of the production and the heavy singing on the track takes away from the grittiness that the production should have. I think it should have been more like Rihanna's "Pour It Up".

But it was definitely a okay effort. It didn't turn me up like I thought it would. It's also really nothing new for her. She's known for these urban tracks see "Oh" and "Goodies". Those were her crunk tracks and this is yet another one. What do you think of the track Share your thoughts below.