Fresh Music | Destiny's Child - "Nuclear" / by

Well, it looks like to Beyoncé post are still on a roll. Destiny's Child is making a minor return this year. The trio will reunit on stage at the Super Bowl on Feb. 3rd. They also will be releasing an album on Jan. 22nd titled "Love Songs". The lead single for the project is called "Nuclear".

It's actually the only new song on the album and was penned by Michelle Williams. The rest of the tracks are older recordings from their previous albums as a group. They will perform this song on stage during the half time show. Give it a listen after the break!

Well, the song isn't bad. It's not all that great either. It sounds soooo dated. I know it's not a fresh recording. It's not what I expected either. I was hoping for some bootilicious type booty shaking music that they will throw down to during the performance.

They can't spice this's a tad bit soft & boring, not enough thumping. But who knows what they have in stored. What do you think about the track?