FRESH MUSIC | R.L. - "Boo'd Up" (feat. Taylor J) / by

R.L. from the former R&B group Next is still keeping his fans up to speed with releasing new tracks. Last year he dropped "Ain't You", which was one of my favorite songs of the year. Then, he was supposed to be working on a new mixtape.

Aside from his mixtape, he's been penning tracks for Lloyd, Mindless Behavior and others, but I think it's safe to say that he's still working on a project of his own.  A new album is due out this year and it's titled "5:15". A new track hit the inter-web.The song is called "Boo'd Up". Listen to it after the break!

This guy's music is just everything!!! I absolutely love it! Even Taylor J's rapping part is dope! I think R.L. is one of those few R&B artist's from the 90's that still have a fresh unique sound. I can listen to this just as much as I did "Ain't You". What do you think about the song? Leave a comment and vote below.