FRESH MUSIC | Willow Smith - "Sugar & Spice" / by

Her album "Knees & Elbows" may have been shelved for a year or two, but that isn't stopping her from releasing tunes from her sound clouds. Willow Smith hit the scene in late 2010 with the smash "Whip My Hair". A few singles and tours later, it looked as if more focus was being put on her development into a young teenager and growing up.

It all can be heard within this newly released track. It's called "Sugar & Spice"...only it's not everything nice. It has a dark and gloomy tone with her singing about being "injected with darkness" and having monsters under her bed. It's definitely something different for her. Listen to it after the break.

Hmmmmmm, it's like she's been defending herself against the naysayers and the critics. You know, the people judging her and her style, clothing, haircut, being a one hit wonder and so on. These songs are getting a bit gloomier as they come out. I don't know if I should start worrying or what.

I kind of feel like her fun filled spirit that she had with "Whip My Hair" has been tainted and won't return. Which really sucks because she was loving it, the smiles, the interviews, the performances and tours. But it all just stopped.  What do you think?