Today marks the what would have been 34th birthday of the late, great Aaliyah. We lost the singer over a decade ago in a horrific plane crash that killed her and eight others. Her music, style and legacy still goes on and on and on. With every new artist that hits the scene, we see bits and pieces of her in each of them. This year is set to be an interesting one for her. She may not be here but new music is definitely on the way.

Last year, her return came sooner than expected with the help of Drake and Noah who are executive producing the brand new posthumous Aaliyah album. The lead single "Enough Said" generated buzz, public interest and it reintroduced her to older fans, it also gained her new ones. People who have never heard of her, learned about her story just last year and became big fans.

It's just so interesting to see how she's still impacting the lives of music listeners even in death. When they see her videos or hear her music, they immediately go do research and find out her story. She will clearly never be forgotten as her music made a lasting impression on people across the world. It will go one for more decades to come. Happy Birthday Babygirl.