Justin Timberlake Announces Return To Music / by

Well, it may not have been new music, but this is just as good. Yesterday, I reported that Justin Timberlake was planning on unveiling something. Well it just so happened to be true. That revelation was a video of him entering the studio, putting on a pair of headphones and saying the words "I'm ready."

Fan around the world rejoiced and sang kum-by-yah. It's been seven long years since his last release and he's making his return. To top that off, there's a countdown on his official website which ends at midnight on Sunday. There's a youtube embeded video on the site so one can speculate that he will launch either a new song or a video  after the countdown is over.

It could be the song that is rumored to be produced by Timbaland and it supposedly features Jay-Z. The pair attempted to collaborate on his last album but the schedules didn't allow it to happen. Could this be that dream collaboration? We will wait to find out. Until then, check out his video message below!

2013 is just shapping up to be one big ass exciting year for music! Everything is happening so fast. Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Ciara, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and more are expected to drop albums this year......I can't wait!!!!!!! Lets go J.T.! Sunday can't get here soon enough! I want to hear what he's been cooking up over the past seven years!