Justin Timberlake New Single Due Out Tormorrow? / by

Twitter just holds all of the juicy secrets! According to Justin Timberlake and his Twitter account, something big is happening tomorrow morning at 9:01am. We can only speculate that he will drop a brand new single. It will be his first offering his his Future Sex / Love Sounds album.

Not only did he compose a Tweet, but Timbaland quickly followed suit by sub-tweeting a confirmation. To top it all off, a radio DJ said that it will feature Jay-Z and it was produced by non other than Timbo himself. Check out the tweets below. Ladies, don't wet your panties.
I don't think anyone was expecting this. You people better wactch out because the storm is about to blow....or so we think. Some of these singers have been failing to make a successful comeback. I mean, look at what happened to Nelly Furtado. She flopped so hard that she now wants to become an independent artist.

Who's to say that Justin will have a successful return to music? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. What ever the case, I'm sure the song will be a hot one. So get ready to get excited!! This was spotted on This Goes In!