Mariah Carey Continues To Slander Nicki Minaj / by

Mariah Carey has yet to let go of the fact that she was "threatened" by rapper Nicki Minaj, which many believe is not true. The singer just recently sat down with the ancient Barbara Walters and gave a candid interview about the infamous footage that was release by TMZ last October.

She sat there and lied through her big fat face saying that she it felt like she was in an unsafe work environment due  to what  was supposedly said off camera. She also spoke highly about dem crazy looking babies, her hubby Nick Cannon and other irrelevant topics. Check it out below.

Mariah Carey is too damn grand for me which just makes me dislike her more. That attitude she has isn't going to jump star her career again. She just needs to stop it. I don't understand when or how she became so damn high and mighty within her career.

She looked down on my beautiful Nicki Minaj when she was introduced as a judge and did so until Nicki clapped back at her. Now she felt like her life was threatened and hired a million security guards to protect her.

Bitch if it was that serious, she would have got a god damn restraining order or had her arrested or something crazy. I can't wait to watch the show to see how they pan out. I'm sure those producers have edited the hell out of the footage to make the cat-fights happen. Tune in two weeks once the show airs.