Looks like Michelle Williams has been caught in a big fat lie. Weeks before Beyoncé's highly anticipated Super Bowl performance, news leaked that Destiny's Child had planned on reuniting during the show for a performance. More fuel was tossed into that pit after a photo of LeToya Luckett and Mathew Knowles surfaced online indicating that she was apart of that reunion.

Well, since then, Michelle has done a few interviews to promote her upcoming new musical FELA in which she stars in. The singer was asked about the infamous reunion in a few interviews and she denied that such a thing was happening. But, according to a website which features local deals like for her upcoming show indicated that would not be staring in a few shows due to her Super Bowl performance.

Before I show you the site, here's a few interviews in which she denied the rumors.

Clearly in the interviews she wanted the focus to be on her new musical and not Destiny's Child or Beyoncé, and she has every right. The promotional appearances are for the musical.  But as you can see, she denied the reunion. Now below check out this screen capture by The YBF.

Hopefully you can read that. From working with Broadway shows in Chicago, I do know that the stars are out of the shows or specific dates and that is made clear before the tickets are purchased so that customers and fans won't be disappointed. Since this screen capture, the website, of course, has been updated removing the super bowl mention.

But we know the truth. I do applaud her for the sake of keeping it secret though.