NEW VIDEO | Eve - "She Bad Bad" / by

After 11 years out of the spotlight, Eve is embarking on her musical return with her newest single "She Bad Bad". I thought this was going to be deemed a buzz or promotional single but it looks like she is rolling with it as the official first single lifted from her upcoming album "Lip Lock".

The project is due out in April and will be released under her very own label Blondie Rockwell Inc. The rapper is all dolled up and glamorized from head to toe in the video. Check out the interesting visual after the break.

You know when I first listened to the song, I didn't like it...not one bit. Lately, I've been randomly finding myself singing the hook while around the house. It's pretty catchy. I still don't think it's single worthy though. But it's good to see that she's back. Maybe  the followup will be somehting great. What do you think about the video?