Earlier this evening, the world saw Tamar Braxton premiere her highly anticipated video for her hit single "Love & War". The track was released about a month ago and made it's way to the top of the iTunes music chart.

This serves as the first single from her upcoming album "Love & War" which is due out next month. The black and white visual was directed by Walid Azami, who did work on her reality television show with Tamar & Vince. Check out the sensual video after the break.

While I don't think the video is exciting as the song was when I first heard it, I can't get over how breathtakingly stunning she looks throughout the entire video. The clip was simple and in black and white, nothing major, no big glitter or glamour moments, but it worked.

Tamar described the video as

“The concept is just about me and my man at home, and we’re just trying to figure out our relationship because it’s been so tumultuous,” the youngest Braxton told Rap-Up TV. “We’re so in love and we wanna fix it, but we can’t escape all the obstacles that we’ve been going through. The video is all of those things—it’s passionate, it’s soft, it’s sexy, it’s sweet.”

It's a cute video, it just didn't wow me like the song did when I first heard it. The good thing is that the simpleness of the video doesn't make me like the song any less. I still love it and will continue to rotate that track. What do you think about the video? Was it worth the wait?