Solange is currently in Europe performing and promoting her new E.P. "True" which was released last year. The crittaclly acclaimed effort drew so much attenton and reciveved praise that she decided to tour for it. First stop was Europe and then next month she will be hitting the U.S.

Tyree bought us tickets to go see her live and I can't wait. Especially if she's going to perform like this. A few nights ago she performed "Losing You" live on Le Grand Journal and simply soared. Oh and she sang it LIVE. Check out the classy performance after the break.

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That was dope!! While I was watching, I just remember back how years ago she wanted to set herself apart from Beyoncé and being her little sister. Clearly she did it!! She went her own way, set her own trends and style, it's like now, we sometimes forget that she's apart of the Knowles clan unless she's coming to the defense of Beyoncé.

But needless to say, the performance was great, she looked great. Her band was great, hell one of the back up singers got just at much air time as Solange. I don't know why they kept panning the camera on her. What did you think about the LIVE performance?