SPOTLIGHT | Vanessa Elisha / by

I stumbled across this young lady via an email sent to me. Her name is Vanessa Elisha and she hails all the way from Queensland, Australia. She's a 21 year-old R&B singer and songwriter . She has begun to embark on her music career with the release of her very first song called "Blur".

The track was produced by Jrdn Gxnius and will be featured on her as of yet titled EP which is due for release next month. She has some sweet vocals along with some feel good lyrics. It's a decent track that gives a great intro of her. The production is pretty sweet to. After the break you can check out a teaser visual for the song, the track itself as well as the cover art for the single.

The song is pretty hot. I can dig it for a first effort. I'm anxious to hear more. I would also like to hear more of Jordn Gxnius work because the production is something serious. Like I said above, it's her first release, you want to stay updated on her, check back here often and check her out on the following sites. Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Youtube & her official website! Vote and share your thoughts about this hottie below!