Trinidad James Has Shown Me The Ratchet Light! / by

If you thought you knew HOOD...then think again because this dude above is just the hoodest thing that I've ever seen. I know I may be a few months late but Trinidad James just gave me a new definition for a hood and ratchet man. Now, I don't know if it's because of the name of his song "All Gold Everything" that made him go gold, inside and out, for this video.

I cracked up when I saw him. The gold chains, rings, teeth and everything just tickled me. I guess that classic retro style is coming back slowly but surly. The flooded fitted pants and those bandanas just did it for me. My bro TMB put me on this the other day and I was digging the song and the production. We was going strong to the song. Then he was telling me about the video and this isn't what I picture at all.....and the crazy thing is about it is that I like it!

Straight hood, and ghetto fabulous! This is what's playing in the clubs and on urban radio stations!! Even Rihanna decided to go down this route with "Pour It Up"!