Well, it looks like miss Ashanti needed the backing help after all. Remember in countless of interviews last year, she did all of that talking about being independent with her label "Written Entertainment" and how there's no middle-man and more money to be made, this that and the other.....But in a recent interview with Rap-Up, word on the street is that she's planning to join Young Money.

When asked about the rumors, she played coy brushed them off. But it also looks like her album, BraveHeart in case you forgot,  has been pushed back again, this time until "hopefully this Summer" and they're going with a new single that she's "Super excited about". Along with a video shoot for it "hopefully in two to three weeks". Those are all her words and not mine. Check out the interview below.

First, let me start off by saying she needs to get her shit together. This album has been on it's way since 2011 and it's already 2013. Push back, after set back and she's still fine tuning things. Secondly, anytime an artist throws in the words "hopefully" and "possibly", it means that nothing is concrete. It's up in the air...

So there's no actually word on when or if the album will even see the light of day, no word on the new single. If anything she should be willing to spill all the details because it's not like anyone is checking for it. She should be trying to get all of the attention that she can get from spilling as many details as possible.

Who watches Army Wives? Because I don't. According to the interview, it sounds as if she's simply using the show for publicity. Her words were "platform, all about being visible". She wants to launch her single during that time in hopes that it will succeed, but it won't. I don't even know what Army Wives is about.

And what happened to Fuse TV? That was epically short lived. Now it brings me to her partnership with YMCMB, I knew she couldn't do it on her own. I knew she was going to seek help because it just wasn't working. Hopefully they can get her shit together for her because as of now she's doing a terrible job. Keep it moving thunder thighs!!