Will we get a new song from Beyonce on March 1st? Only time will tell. One person knows for sure and that's American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. The radio host dished some hot details earlier today on his radio show indicating that a mega superstar let him hear just a bit of her new single.
He used the term HUGE POP STAR. He also said that its a great way to reenter radio stations. Who  do you think it could be? Check out his full statement below.

“I’m particularly excited about some new artists we’ll be playing here soon. But mostly… I think A LOT of people are going to be absolutely thrilled about a certain single coming out in ten days. I can’t give it away but she let me listen to a part of it… definitely a chart topper. Definitely a nice re-entrance to radio.”

People are speculating that it could be Britney Spears since her album dropped in March on 2011 and she's been in and out of the studio working on a new album, to fume those rumors she recently quit the X-Factor to focus on new music.....but I don't think it's her.

Next up, people are thinking it could be Mariah Carey or Selena Gomez....but I wouldn't classify Mariah as a pop star or even put Selena Gomez and the term "mega" in the same sentence. So that leaves me to Beyonce.

I mean it only makes sense. She just had the super bowl performance, she just broke a television record on HBO drawing in 1.8 million viewers with her documentary, she's released her world tour dates and the album is supposed to be out in do the math!! So be ready!