A community high school in Indiana has sparked a huge debate with some of their students and staff members demanding a separate prom for the gays and homosexuals in their school. They feel that the gays should be banned from going to the prom which will take place at a christian church.

Sullivan High School told the group that legally, there is nothing they can do about those wants and desires, so the anti-gay crew has taken matters into their own hands. There are a handful of supporters and a lot of people against the idea. Check out the article below.

A team of Valley high schoolers and parents rally for a separate prom that bans gays.

NBC 2's Paige Preusse reports how Sullivan High School says there's nothing legally they can do to allow it... several students and parents are taking matters into their own hands.

Several parents, students, and others who believe gays should be banned from the Sullivan High School prom met Sunday at the Sullivan First Christian Church.

"We don't agree with it and it's offensive to us," said Diana Medley.

Their idea is to create their own separate...traditional prom. Students say there are several others from their high school who agree, but are afraid to take a stand.

"If we can get a good prom then we can convince more people to come and follow what they believe," said student Kynon Johnson.

And now they want everyone to know where they stand.

"We want to make the public see that we love the homosexuals, but we don't think it's right nor should it be accepted," said a local student.

But not all in the community think what they're doing is right.

"We shouldn't be condemning people, and that's what judgement is. Christ came to save the people not to condemn them."

Local man Jim Davis says we've all why should gays be treated with less respect?

"Love them as a person. You don't have to love what they do, because the gays may not love all the mistakes you make," said Davis.

Diana Medley is a special education teacher in town. She doesn't believe anyone is born gay.

"I believe that it was life circumstances and they chose to be that way; God created everyone equal," said Medley.

"Homosexual students come to me with their problems, and I don't agree with them, but I care about them. It's the same thing with my special needs kids, I think God puts everyone in our lives for a reason," said Madley.

"'So the same goes for gays? Do you think they have a purpose in life?' No I honestly don't. Sorry, but I don't. I don't understand it. A gay person isn't going to come up and make some change unless it's to realize that it was a choice and they're choosing God," said Medley.

Several local pastors support the separate prom movement.

"Christians have always been prepared for a fight. Jesus gave us armor for the front, not the back; we're not running anymore," said Bill Phegley with Carlisle Church.

Others, on the other hand, think they're casting stones... instead of spreading love.

"The feeling of being loved and belonging is universal," said Davis.

I thought the world was past this? It makes me think of segregation. I don't understand why they feel that the gays should not be allowed to their own prom. First of all, I'm sure they have EVERY right to attend as the ugly bitch talking in the interview.

Secondly, since they're so bible strong and obide by every flipping word pressed on the pages, then they would know that they need not to judge. It's not their place. If you don't want to associate yourself with gays then don't.

Don't go to prom. Find a different school. Either that, or you need to learn to accept. Yes, you say that you love the gays but don't like what they are doing..bitch, we may not like the bifocal glasses that you're wearing or the idiotic language that you speak, but we're not trying to ban you from prom.

It's so dumb because these kids are only speaking about what they know and learned from home. Hence their parents and so on... So I can't only be upset at them because they don't know any better. It's like what's the point? What will banning gays from prom do for them? Absolutely nothing.

And the special ed teacher, she better watch her back because the gays will come for her harder than the US came for Osama!!! What do you think? Should the gays be banned from their own prom and forced to have a separate one? Share your thoughts below.