News got out, by Fantasia herself, about her album being pushed back to a later date from the original March given release, but fans should be happy to know that it's all for good reason. I got word that she has a number of cool and big things coming up.

She's been in the studio with Harmony from B.O.E. Global and just recently wrapped up the album. The first single was released a few weeks ago called "Lose to Win" and below you can check out the journey that she took while recoding her album and hear her talk about what the song means to her.

You can also see glimpses of Jamia, Harmony and other producers in the studio working on the songs and album. It's all apart of her new created webisodes which are directed and edited by my homie Brandon Jermaine. Check it out after the break.

She's so grand and so pretty. She was wearing that glossy red lipstick! I loved it. I also love hearing artists talk about how the interpret songs. Everyone hears it differently and for Fantasia, this song was coming for a deep place of hurt, but like she said, she had to lose to win again.

Big ups to Brandon Jermaine for this video! Thank you kindly sir!