Don't call it 20 seconds of fame for Sweet Brown, the self proclaimed "Ain't no body got time fo' dat" woman from Oklahoma is now a household name as well as a national star. She even has Beyonce quoting her famous line. The internet sensation became famous after she was featured on a local news station describing the fire that ignited in her apartment complex.

She also is staring in a brand new dentist commercial for Shortline Dental. Don't come it a come up! Ms. B is on her grind. Lastly, word has it that Tyler Perry has cast her in his latest film. The details are mum at the moment but they will pour out once the time comes. Check out the clips below.

New Commercial

The Interview That Made Her Famous

So there you have it. That's what you call a come up. My question is, will it last? Remember a few years ago, Antoine Dodson found success with his "Hide ya kids, hide ya wives" and he milked it until it was dry/ Eventually it passed....do you think the same thing will happen to Sweet Brown?