Another week, another Azealia Banks and Twitter scuffle. The wanna be rapper took the social networking site and BLASTED Rita Ora, calling her a Rihanna understudy. She also calimed that the singer climbed over a wall to snap pictures of her during the tour.

The two are currently tour-mates for a short period of time for Australia's "Future Music Tour Festival". It's crazy because Rita Ora priased the rapper and revealed that they were supposed to collaborate. But those bridges have been burned. Check out the action below.

This is exactly why I don't show this girl no love. I mean, over the past few years she's burned bridges. Perez Hilton, Angel Haze, The Stone Roses, Shystie, Diplo, Baauer, and now Rita Ora. She's apart of ROC Nation so if she burns bridges with one of them, she burned ALL of them.

A Rihanna understudy? Seriously. Clearly that's not the case, because Rita Ora is in her own lane as far as talent goes. If that's the case Azealia may as well claim to be a Foxy Brown understudy because that's who she reminds me of. 

Every time I read about her antics, I think of her as a spoiled bratt. Bitch get yo shit together and stop coming for people via Twitter. Save that for the ghetto bitches. I just hate the fact that she does it. Non stop. It's becoming old and one day she's gonna cross the wrong artist.

She tries it with hot and heavy people with successful careers, albums, tours, blogs and everything but her ass can't even keep up with a release date for her wack ass album. "Broke With Expensive Taste" will never see the light of day and if it does, it won't be on anyone's chart.

She's lucky that Beyonce has her on her single because that will expose her more than she's ever been exposed. That will be the most attention that she will ever get...that's if Beyonce uses her. After this Rita Ora stunt, she can be quickly snatched from the line up since she's messing with Roc Nation.

I can't stand her black ass! I'm mostly mad because she's trying Rita, and love me some Rita Ora. If you're going to try someone, make sure your own career is stable. Go get a world tour, go get three consecutive #1 singles on someone's chart.....oops, my bad, Mixtapes don't qualify.