Okay, ok, miyfirst prediction didn't go so well. But this time, I have a hunch that there is concrete proof that a new Beyonce single is on the way. In the picture that you'll see below, it shows off some sketchy handwriting that reveals an album tracklist as well as features.

Inside, there Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Solange & Ne-Yo. The photo was leaked by someone from the Stargate production team. Web pages and other sites have slammed it and said it was fake.

But I thought it would be cool to report anyway. The first single (according to the paper) will be "Ratchet" (feat. Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks) and it's due out March 12th which is next Tuesday. Check out more below.

01. Ratchet (feat. Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks)
02. Back 2 Business (feat. Jay-Z)
03. Roller Coaster (feat. Justin Timberlake)
04. Visions (feat. Sia)
05. Dance (I’m Soon Over) (feat. Rihanna)
06. More Than Sex (feat. Ne-Yo)
07. Better Than Ever Before (feat. Solange Knowles)
08. Runway
09. Sensations 10.
12 Roses
11. It’s All Over

Let me start off by saying that Beyonce is NOT big on features. So to the stan's eye, of course this would seem fake. But in the eyes of someone knowing that Beyonce is determined to have a killer comeback, these features seem just about right.

The Rihanna one just throws me off. I just can't see the two of them singing on a track together. If it's real then it's clear that Beyonce is just trying to score a hit. Beyonce singing next to Rihanna is just like Janet singing next to Jennifer Hudson. But hey, I guess we have to play the waiting game.

It's so crazy that nothing of hers has leaked yet. Not one demo, not one song, nothing! I heard that before she enters the studio, it's searched for cameras, recorders etc and after she leaves, it's scrubbed clean, hard drives are emptied and computers are all restored and wiped down. Hows that for precaution?

Now hopefully rumors can be put to rest that she's touring from her "4" album because clearly that's not the case. The tour begins in April and I'm sure that's when the album will drop. Now, we just wait for the title and the album cover. PRAISE BEYSUS!