It seems as if Rihanna and Chris Brown will never be able to catch a break.The world does not want them to be together. This episode of Law & Order: SVU is a chilling one and it just made me think if they really had situations like this. In the episode, you see the characters Misha, who was played by actress Tiffany Roberson, and Caleb, who was played by Roca, play the domestic tale on television.

Misha is a 19 year old break out star who has finally hit the big time with a new single, new album, and multiple endorsement deals, while Caleb is this big time hip-hop star the looked more like a queen with done eyebrows. They've been dating for quite some time and in Misha's eyes, he was her prince because he gave her the world.

In the chilling episode, you will witness similar details with the Chris & Rihanna  story like the bruised and leaked images of her face, gossip sites like Perez Hilton and Wendy Williams breaking the news about the incident, the infamous tattoo of a battered woman that Chris had tatted on him, the infamous text message and so much more. Watch the video after the break and see what actress Tiffany had to say about the role and domestic violence as a whole.

Interview with Tiffany Roberson & MTV News

Speaking about last minute decision to change the script
When I thought about the different options, I really made my peace with the decision that they made.[...]They really pushed it so that we can really look at the seriousness of it. I felt like they drove it home even more. They kept it real, and they went there, regardless of what controversy it would bring. It was about telling the truth. Originally when I saw it, they hadn’t ended it that way. This is what happens [in abusive relationships] when we look at the numbers. This is usually where it ends up.

Speaking about the differences between Misha & Rihanna
I shied away from [exposing myself to Rihanna], and that was really intimidating for me. They really wanted me to create this character for myself. Also this character for me was younger and naive. 
Of course, the story, the relationship is similar. But the character herself, it was more or less, this is her first big break, her first big single. And it was spun on from her relationship with this other celebrity, which is a lot different from the situation, I believe, [with] Rihanna and Chris.

Her message about domestic voilcence
Of course, it’s a fictional story, but I try to bring in real elements when I create these characters.I feel so much responsibility towards it. I honestly didn’t even hear all the Rihanna and Chris stuff ’til I was on set. 
And that was mainly dealing with the makeup, when they did have to do the bruising and stuff, making it look as realistic as possible. That’s when those kinds of comments were being made. 
You just felt so much responsibility to deliver this story with respect and also bringing light to the issue [and] the bigger picture. And that is domestic violence. We wanted to make sure we were telling the stories the way that the writers [wanted us to].”

The episode was strong, a bit too strong. The ending hit home. Misha was eventually killed by the hands of her boyfriend. Police found her body floating beside their boat in Bermuda. The central message of the show in my eyes was simply that most  domestic violence relationships end with the victim being dead.
 I think people watched the show and only payed attention to the fact that it was about their favorite celebrities. I think if they aired this waaaaaay back around the time the indicent happened, the message would have hit home harder than before. But oh well what are you gonna do? I can't get over how gay the rapper Caleb looked.

That make up and those eyebrows were screaming ball queen all while I was watching him. There was nothing thugged out about him at all....not one bit. Anywho, I wonder if Chrisanna watched it and what are their thoughts on it? Hopefully someone will ask them sometime soon. What did you think about the episode?