The city of Chicago gets no better. A CTA Bus driver was tasered and robbed while on duty. The incident happened in Chicago's west Austin neighborhood on the 126 Jackson St. bus. A passanger boarding the bus found the driver slumped in his seat and called police.

After reviewing video, the story has it that the driver and robber were the only two on the bus when the attack took place. The assailant was wearing dark clothing and a dark mask. After driving a few blocks, the driving yelled and instructed that the man gets off the bus.

When the driver stopped to let him off, the assailant then tasered the neck, left arm and the chest of the driver and rumbled through his pockets for cash before fleeing the scene. The driver was taken to the hospital and released in good condition.

Please be careful people. The city gets more crazy each year. Bus drivers aren't safe these days, malls aren't safe. Just be more careful when in Chicago.