While I was out and about treating a very special someone to some birthday goodies, Beyonce decided to release some snippets of her newest music. After hearing us bitch and complain about her snapping photos in UPS trucks and not delivering new music, she delivers.

She gives us access to two tracks. One called "Bow Down" which was produced by non other than Hit Boy. It's a hard and heavy hitting anthem where B goes in on the other females in the game telling the "bitches" (her words not mine..) to bow down to her.

The next is called "I Been On" in which you hear a very familiar tune playing. It's the melody form the trailer of her "Mrs. Carter" world tour where's belting out opera like tunes. That tracks was produced by Timbaland, Polow Da Don and Plant VI. Get into the freshness below!

Well, first off let me give a standing ovation for her finally releaseing some new tunes. Secondly, I love the hardness she pulls off in "Bow Down".  She gives it like no other. She took some major shots at the other females in the game.

As for the opera sounding track, I dig that one as well. I was feeling that the moment I saw the world tour trailer. What cracks me up the most is that it was produced by Timbaland and Polow Da Don, who normally work hand in hand with Sheri Wilson (Keri Hilson).

It's funny that she was able to just go and snatch up KERI'S very own home grown producers for some new music and Keri's ass can't even get a decent track! The production for "I Been On" goes hard and it's something really different. I bet Keri is shaking her damn head right now.

Last thing, these two songs aren't listed on that leaked photo that shows off the track listing for her new album. So I'm starting to think that it may not be legit, but who knows. Either that, or these songs are just teasers... Any who, what do you think of the tracks? Vote and comment below.