Clearly, Keyshia Cole isn't a fan of the newly leaked buzzed stitched track from Beyonce which hit the inter-web yesterday. "Bow Down / I Been On" surfaced and sent fans and critis into a frenzy as a foul mouth B spat lyrics telling other bitches in the game to bow down and respect her.

Keyshia didn't hold her tongue as she took to Twitter to voice her opinion about the song and B. As soon as she did, fans came to back her up, but the Beyhive wasn't having it and apparently threatened to snatch Keyshia bald so that she won't need to sell perms anymore. Check it out below.

The tweets that wrote her carer death certificate..

She refuses to bow down and can't see how someone can go from being this big role model that can't do any wrong but can tell bitches to bow down. She says that she kept it real from day one, indicating that Beyonce is a fake...

She's just not having it! But that BeyHive gave it to her. They stung her ass like she was a bear stealing honey. That's why she sent the tweet below...

Here are some of the hilarious tweets she had toput up with from the BeyHive. They're asses come out wood works READY for war and bloodshed.

There's PLENTY of more where that came from. I just couldn't stop laughing!! Then you have people creating pictures like this...

I don't think she understands what she got herself into. Bad mouthing Beyonce is like career suicide! Just ask Keri Hilson. You see her ass is begging for forgiveness. The BeyHive drove her to that. Now Keyshia Cole is gonna get hate for the next few years....until she apologizes.

It's clearly a cry for some attention. First she attacked Michelle and her super bowl performance now, she's coming after Beyonce....girl you better stop it before it's too late. I like your music and your album and I want the next one to see the light of day...When it comes to Beyonce, hold your tongue.

I think that it's about that time for Beyonce to actually CLAIM that throne. I like the fact that she's owning it in both of the songs. She has put up with shit from naysayers throughout her entire career and Kayne West told her to tell them bitches to BOW DOWN! It's about that time...Your thoughts?


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