Say it ain't so! Season one X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro has been reportedly dropped from Epic Records as of this week. The singer wont the competition in 2011 and her album was due out in Spring of 2012.

After a string of singles; "Don't Fail Me Now", "Love Me Now", & "Long Distnace",a performance on the X-Factor show, a Pepsi commercial with Elton John and a video, none of it was enough to propel her to the star that she should be.

The singles failed to chart or even impact audiences despite her winning the competition and a $5 million recording contract. It looks like she'll never get the chance to release an album unless someone else signs her. She's been deleted off of Epic Record's roster.

Melanie is no longer listed as an artist on the official roster of Epic Records, but contestants like Marcus Canty and Chris Renee are. It seems as if the problem jump starting her career was not knowing how to present her to the world.

When she was on the show, she sang big songs from Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Beyonce which gave her the winning spot. But when she debuted her first single, it was an uptempo dance anthem which left fans and myself scratching their heads.

It was confusing. We all know why they took her that direction because that's where music is now. But it didn't work for her. It didn't fit her nature nor her image. It's becoming harder and harder for big voiced divas to score comebacks.

I honestly think the problem wasn't her nor her voice, it was her team and whoever was handling her direction. Her image and sound was all over the place. They didn't know if they wanted to market her as a big girl or plus sized girl, nor could they tell us what type of artist she was.

Her music and image was like a mesh up between Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Rihanna. If you throw all of those women into a pot and cook it on high, you would get Melanie Amaro. That again, isn't her fault.

She simply couldn't find her place in this Rihanna & Adele filled music world because there was so many different elements of her as an artist, not just one.

Whatever the case, I hope that she gets signed to some other label who knows how to market artists like her. She has sooooooo much talent that needs to be brought out to the light. L.A. Reid needs to be ashamed of himself giving her the boot like that.