Jennifair is on fire!! She's delivering video after video with her new mixtape "Quaz". It was released in December which featured a house of productions from Drum Mage! Her Mogul Media team is standing her 100% especially with this video.

After a long day, one sip of that booze had her gone and dreaming...lusting. She was hearing things, looking at silhouettes and singing her heart out. It was all for a girl she thought was there, but in reailty she wasn't. Biggie said it best, It was all a dream. Get into the Benny directed clip below.

This is definitely some of her best work to date! She got really suited up and had nothing but hips and thighs in the palm of her hands. The song was great as well, it really shows off those vocal chops that she has.

Keep it coming Jfair!! And thanks to Benny, Yinka, Kelly and Teresa for all of the great work with helping put our JFair together for this awesome video!! There is definitely more to come, eexpecially after this one! What do you think about the visual? Vote and comment below.